Robotics: Playing With Big Boy Toys


Have you been thinking of getting into robotics as a hobby?  If so, you will be in good company.  Robotics is a bobby that is quickly growing and it’s not a wonder as to why.  It’s great fun and very interesting too!

You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy the wonderful world of robotics.  While years ago you would have been required to be one in order to acquire robotics and the parts and accessories needed for them, not so any longer.  You can freely purchase your robot and all else you need online or even from a hobby shop.

You don’t even have to be super smart to do this hobby although that is a major misconception people tend to have when it comes to robotics.  Everything about the hobby has been simplified.  Instructions are made even easier by tips and tricks that are posted online to make this hobby a breeze.  Of course you can always take it to the next level and pump it up a notch by becoming as advanced as you please which could require a bit of knowledge but to what degree you do so  it entirely up to you.

There are competitions that the enthusiasts can compete in which make the hobby even more run.  You can compete in sports robotics, like soccer matches, or race them against one another.  The sky is the limit when it comes to finding out whose robot is the best.  It’s something that many robotics fans take quite seriously.

Many have gotten their start in the hobby by participating in a school event where robotics were used.  Usually, somewhere down the line in school, students are exposed to at least one crash course in robotics and it’s not unusual for a competition to be held.  That’s the time that many attribute to the beginning of their love affair with robotics.

There are competitions in schools and there are professional competitions too.  Because the hobby is growing, the number of competitions are too.  Many are quite specialized these days.  Categories usually include manned and unmanned races or performances.

One of the most popular competition was the DARPA Grand Challenge where unmanned vehicles were raced across the desert.  The purse was $1,000,000 but no one was able to claim it.  The challenge was valuable for research though and spurred some improvements in military robotics.

How did robotics get started?  Simple repetitive motions were the most the first robotics could offer but that was a great feat for the time and soon they were designed to do more and more until now, robotics can do most anything and…they’re smart too.

If you are wanting to get started in the hobby, there are a good number of sites you can access online that will help you decide what area to you like to begin in.  You may like racing driverless vehicles or you may want to lean towards the space realm.  Once you decide, you can then figure out how complex you would like your new hobby to be and go from there.  You may also want to consider the price tag and do a bit of research in that area as some robotics are more expensive as a rule.  There are plenty that are fairly inexpensive and tons that cost an arm and a leg, literally.

The hobby of robotics is addicting.  But it is all done in good fun and is enjoyed by young and old alike.  It’s a fantastic way to bond with children, grandchildren and friends and is also an excellent way to get to know people by sharing the same interests.  If you are considering robotics as your next hobby, you will no doubt love it as millions of others do.  Robotics,…it’s smart play that lets adults have a great excuse to be kids once again.

Updated: February 3, 2015 — 9:11 am
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