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Self Defense in Space

My imagination goes wild when it comes to astronauts, spacecrafts, and outer space. I could have written some episodes of the old Star Trek TV series and concocted alien invaders to the mother ship. The crew would have to defend themselves with a special stun gun that was larger than the kind we know today. It would have the power and impact to deter a creature from another planet (hey, that a good name for a movie).

Self defense may seem a bit farfetched these days as it pertains to our guys in the sky. We would actually welcome an alien in their midst as it would prove that there is life out there in the vast universal hinterlands. I read that Russian astronauts were once issued an odd multi-use weapon that was a combination shovel, machete, and gun. I suppose they could choose which area to use depending upon the need. What did they envision? Would they be on the moon or Mars, or would one of them suddenly go nuts. Outer space has the potential for hostility I imagine but you can’t use a gun as it would never stop moving. You had better have an excellent aim. Ha! Instead, a knife or brass knuckles would have to do. Don’t leave home without them.

Rather than aliens, perhaps Russians could invade US spacecrafts and vice versa. I can see that scenario. Although we are no longer in the Cold War, I could write a period screenplay with this as the premise. How would the attackers get in the craft? It would take place in the space station as the Russians, for example, would arrive from time to time. They would ostensibly be friendly or in need of aid and the Americans wouldn’t want to turn them away. Then things go awry! What fun. A battle of the space opponents using all kinds of weapons. Fists flying alongside the arms. Would the U.S. astronauts have anything like pepper spray or a steel baton? Likely not. If the movie took place during a period of intense rivalry, there could be a constant series of battles necessitating the use of space weapons (no guns).

I suppose the pepper spray would float in zero gravity so I will have to rule that out as I think about it. The other traditional means of self defense like the ones on this blog would be the only recourse unless something new is invented. I am going to give this great thought so I can execute my story and round it out with all the right details. A machete? Heavens, no. Should I flout science and create a gun that works in space or would it lack credibility? I challenge my readers to help me out and design a terrific all-purpose space weapon. Tell me about the design and how it works. Remember, no bullets.

How does the story end? Do the Russians escape? Is anyone killed? Are the Americans stranded and need to be rescued? Wow, this is fun.

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