Be Glad You Aren’t an Astronaut

Everyone loves the modern high-style looks of Kohler products, but you can’t own one on a shoestring budget. For me, it is Toto all the way. It is one eighth the price. You still get reliability and durability with every model. I haven’t experienced any mishaps. Getting quality, even at a low cost, keeps the plumber at bay. Saving money is what it is all about. There is a reason why it is a popular and widely-recognized industry leader brand. Let me give you an image. It is a sleek, elongated design with a superior flushing system that draws water into the bowl quickly. Then it forces it out at a glance. Picture the fittings, the chrome-plated trip lever, and the luxury seat that are all included.

I am going on and on about my fabulous toilet for a reason. I was sitting around thinking about the challenges astronauts face with hygiene and toileting when in space as compared to a typical Toto like the ones on this web page in most bathrooms. Yes, I am a huge fan of the technology. I am even interested in the most mundane solutions to normal human problems. Anything to keep our guys comfortable and content. In case you don’t know, they fasten themselves to the appliance so they won’t float away. Then, simply put, there is a device akin to a vacuum that sucks waste away after which they are vacuum dried. Very efficient and cleverly designed! Want to know more details?

While the Space Shuttle has toilets, and not too foreign ones at that in terms of appearance and function, it doesn’t have a wash basin or shower. There is one to a customer so to speak (for both men and women). I think the astronaut toilet looks western style and is placed behind a partition. No other privacy is offered. I suppose they get used to others hearing them go. I also imagine that noise is camouflaged by the sounds from the air conditioning fan and various motors. However, be glad that you are not circling the planet. Every consideration is given to hygiene, but it isn’t what we get in the comforts of our homes.

I am also interested in astronomy and the origins of space. Forgive me for the fun science contained in this blog. There is so much to learn and share. I wanted to write about my passion so I can convey what motivates me to do research to others. I hope my enthusiasm comes through in my words. I can read about most any subject if the author has heart. As for me, I look for subjects that are arcane but relevant. I know a bit about the astronauts’ personalities (did you catch the TV series?) and now it is time to get a glimpse of their individual experiences in space. What is their typical day like? How do they cope with the suction toilet? Weren’t you all dying to know? Ha!

Updated: May 9, 2017 — 8:29 am
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